Kate Poole is a founding member of Regenerative Finance, a collective of young people with wealth working collaboratively with communities that are most impacted by racial, environmental, and climate injustices to shift capital and power. Regenerative Finance is working towards making reparations in the form of non-extractive financing designed to repair harm done to historically looted communities. Kate is also a member-leader of Resource Generation, and is proud to be a board member of the Schumacher Center for New Economics.

Kate graduated with honors from Princeton University, where she wrote her thesis on religion and capitalism, focusing on Santi Asoke, a Thai Buddhist group operating an economy based on merit rather than profit. She started her work in the new economy field at the Schumacher Center for New Economics, and went on to work with leaders in the local investing field creating accessible, concrete resources for folks developing and growing their own local economies including author Michael Shuman, the Post Carbon Institute, BALLE, author Elizabeth Ü and the Local Investing Resource Center.

Kate creates comics and zines here at comicsbykate.com. You’ll find graphic depictions here of Buddhist economicsJewish economicsracial justice and wealth redistribution, and the intersection of economic and spiritual practice. You can read her comics about fat queers and herons here.  Her comics have been published in Jewish CurrentsTikkun DailyJewschoolAutostraddle and Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf.

Kate also loves dance, authentic movement and feminist performance art, and has performed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Hirschhorn Museum, Philadelphia FringeArts and with Opera Philadelphia.


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